Safety Quotes

Safety – A small investment for a rich future | Safety by Choice, Not by Chance. | Safety comes in a can, I can, You can, We can be safe. | Safety doesn’t happen by accident | Safety first makes us last. | Safety First, Avoid the Worst. | Safety first, to last. | Safety first…because accidents last. | Safety fits like a glove; Try one on. | Safety Glasses – All in favor say EYE | Safety in – we win | Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy | Safety is a continuing journey, not a final destination. | Safety is a frame of mind – So concentrate on it all the time. | Safety is a Frame of Mind, Get the Picture. | Safety is a full time job – don’t make it a part time practice | Safety is a mission not an intermission | Safety is about doing the right thing, even if no one is looking. | Safety is as simple as ABC – Always Be Careful | Safety is like a lock – But you are the key. | Safety is no accident | Safety is success by purpose – Not Accident. | Safety isn’t a hobby, it’s a living. | Safety isn’t expensive it’s priceless. | Safety isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life. | Safety makes good dollars and sense | Safety rules are there to follow. So take care and we will see you tomorrow. | Safety rules are your best tools. | Safety saves, Accidents cost you. | Safety starts with “S” but begins with “YOU”. | Safety starts with me. | Safety: more fun than running with scissors | Safety… It can charm you, or ALARM you! | Safety…Did it, done it, doing it tomorrow | Safety…one habit you never need to break | Save tomorrow. Think safety today.

About Us

Hindustan Institute of Safety & Multi learning is a Independent Organization established to provide high quality of Safety training to individuals and Organization of all sizes within the private and public sectors around the globe. We have dedicated team to provide quality service and develop strong working relationships. This Health, Safety Environment Institution is established in Mangalore, Karnataka. HISM also provide quality educational services like Diploma in Health, Safety and Environment / NEBOSH, IOSH.

Excellent quality of care and welfare of human health, safety and security are the major strengths of HISM. We believe that every student can achieve excellence in an atmosphere that is both encouraging and challenging.

Our goal is to ensure that each student is consistently guided to become a caring and competent member of society and a better human being.

  • To gain a reputation by training and qualifying professionals through innovation and to grow along with them in creativity, quality, productivity, team work and set exemplary ethical values.
  • To enable aspirants to pursue a successful career as safety professionals.
  • To set and achieve safety standard across various industrial segments in different geographies.
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